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Included within this section for your review are one or more recent cases that Mr. Moss has been involved in which may be of interest to you.

My representation of clients has resulted in millions of dollars of settlements for plaintiffs.

  • Successfully defended small business owners in claims brought by employees.
  • Successfully brought motions for summary judgment resulting in early favorable case resolution in sophisticated real estate litigation arising out of real estate transfers.
  • Successfully represented numerous clients in commercial disputes involving breach of contract and related issues.
  • Successfully brought product liability action arising from severe burns to plaintiff's scalp resulting in permanent hair loss due to hair coloring application. The issue was whether the product was defective or carelessly applied.
  • Brought product liability action against multiple parties in the chain of distribution arising out of glass flower vase exploding in plaintiff's hand causing serious personal injury. Successfully proved after extensive litigation that product was defective in its manufacture and who was responsible for placing the defective vase in the stream of commerce.
  • Brought lawsuit against Panera bread arising out of plaintiff's severe allergic reaction due to a peanut allergy to food he consumed. After lawsuit filed, changes were made in the signage in Santa Monica store which I believe enhanced the safety of consumers with food allergies.
  • Brought product liability action against a national ladder manufacturer in which plaintiff fell two stories when ladder telescoped because rung lock created false locking appearance. After lawsuit, the product was subject of national recall as a result of which its rung lock design was changed making the ladder safer for future users.
  • Successfully brought action arising out of hair spray used on an entertainment set which exploded due to static electricity in the environment causing serious personal injury.
  • Successfully defended licensed professionals arising out of allegations of unlawful practices and alleged licensing violations.
  • Defended client in administrative action by the Department of Homeland Security resulting in a satisfactory result for client.
  • Successfully brought Writ of Habeas Corpus petitions for prisoners that successfully resulted in early release of one client and expansion of family visitation rights of the other. See, for example; In re Acker, 158 Cal.App.3d 888, 205 Cal.Rptr. 82 (Ct. of Appeal 4th Dist. 1984)
  • Represented litigants in significant cases on appeal which resulted in important decisions involving issues of employment law and medical malpractice. For example, see: Jackson v. County of Los Angeles, 60 Cal.App.4th 171 (Ct. of Appeal 2nd Dist. 1998)
    Flowers v. Torrance Memorial Hospital Center, et al, 8 Cal.4th 992, 35 Cal.Rptr.2d 685 (Cal. Sup. Ct. 1994)
  • Defended highly placed employee accused of sexual harassment with result satisfactory for the client. Also, have represented multiple clients in actions relating to employment discrimination, wrongful termination and wage and hour claims with favorable results for my clients.
  • Successfully prosecuted and defended multiple civil harassment and domestic violence cases.
  • Successfully represented hundreds of injured workers some of which also involved claims for personal injury arising out of workplace incidents.
  • Some examples of these "third party" cases are: plaintiff sustained serious personal injury while working on conveyor belt at airport; plaintiff sustained serious injury to hand while working on unsafe punch press molding machine.
  • Brought successful medical malpractice cases. Examples of some of these cases are: Successful arbitration for client who sustained serious injury because her doctor did not properly diagnose her ectopic pregnancy; favorable settlement for parents in wrongful death action arising out of negligent treatment of their newborn infant.
  • Successful wrongful death action: truckdriver making an unsafe turn did not see decedent beside his truck in the road.


This case was a hotly disputed matter involving many aspects of landlord liability, and toxic tort law, arising from personal injury and uninhabitability of the dwelling due to toxic mold contamination as a result of water intrusion. Additionally, there was a claim for punitive damages based on the allegation that the landlord's willful refusal to make repairs was motivated by their intent to force the tenant to vacate the premises in circumvention of rent control, which allegedly was a violation of the Santa Monica Rent Control Law's Tenant Harassment provisions. The case proceeded to a lengthy binding arbitration resulting in a favorable arbitration award of $75,000, which was increased to $100,000, in accordance with the parties' written arbitration agreement with minimum and maximum monetary limits that was negotiated on the eve of a scheduled jury trial.

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